Affiliate Disclosure

This website contains affiliate links and I’m going to explain exactly what this means…

It’s the law…and a good one! The FTC wants website owners to disclose their affiliation with any company or product that contains a hyper-link for further research or purchase.

This is because some links to recommended products may qualify us for earnings. Here are some examples of how that works, using real, live affiliate links.

Affiliate Link Sample Structure using Real Affiliate Links

Amazon affiliate

SeniorDogDays website owners have joined the amazon affiliate program which means we may earn from a qualified purchase. So, if you were reading our blog post titled: Safe Dog Peanut Butter List (blog post), you will see that we inserted a link to what we consider to be the best tasting peanut butter that is safe for dogs (no xylitol) and tasty for humans. If you were to click that affiliate link, or this one: best peanut butter for dog sharing (link to product) and follow through with a purchase at amazon, we might earn a commission from amazon (not the peanut butter company).

Dog CBD Affiliate

Here is another example of an affiliation: We love NuLeaf Naturals Pet CBD and it’s what we give our own senior pets and we take the CBD ourselves. We decided to become affiliated with Nuleaf Pet CBD after a month’s worth of research of what we wanted from a CBD. NuLeaf scored an A++ on our internal scorecard and we joined the company’s affiliate program.

In return, Nuleaf offers our visitors a discount code to use at checkout. So when we link to Nuleaf Naturals Pet CBD; like right here: NuLeaf Naturals CBD and you use discount code SENIORDOGDAYS, we may earn a commission if your purchase qualifies.

Rebate Affiliate

In our final example, we have affiliated ourselves with the website That’s because it’s a great source for dog owners to get free or steeply dog products such as leashes and beds. We’ve tried the company and everything went exactly as expected. If you were to click this affiliate link: we might make a referral fee after you follow through with any of their listed rebates.

Our Promise to You

We at SeniorDogDays only recommend products we use or have researched and had success with. We’ll also share any bad experiences as well, and in that spirit, we can talk about products without bias. We have never been paid by company in exchange for a good review and we would never accept such an offer. Rest assured, if you return a product we lose the fee and that’s why we only promote products we believe in.

Hopefully, you can see it in our writing throughout the website that we are proud to write unbiased reviews. If you do click on an affiliate link and follow through with a purchase, thanks! The links cost you nothing, and sometimes our affiliation can actually save you money when using our discount codes.

If you are opposed to affiliate links, you can get around us earning by just searching for the product we recommend on the actual website where we recommend and we promise not take offense.

So that’s affiliate links in a nutshell. Please assume links to products on our entire website are affiliate links and that we may earn if you click them and make a purchase. We hope you found this explanation as educational as all of our other information regarding products that help senior dogs.

Thanks for visiting SeniorDogDays!