A message from the creator of SeniorDogDays…

Thanks for visiting Senior Dog Days! I began this site for 3 reasons. One: as a way to journal my life with Frodo, my senior dog. Two: My nerdy love of research and Three: as a way of giving back.

Over the years, I’ve received so much help through internet resources I wanted to do the same for others as a way of giving back and at the same time, satisfy my love of conducting in-depth research. And what better topic to choose than one nearest to my heart: My dog Frodo.

Growing up, I had lots of pets and many dogs, but as a kid and teenager, we really have no idea what goes into the care of a senior dog. It isn’t until we become the primary caretaker that we learn about the real challenges of being responsible for such a precious family member.

Senior dog care is both easy and complicated at the same time .

Easy because at this point our dog knows us and we know our dog. Complicated because they age so much faster than we do and it kind of sneaks up on us. You could truly wake up one morning to a whole new set of heart-breaking symptoms that need attention.

But no matter what, watching your dog go from wild and crazy to thoughtful and dignified is a blessing of a journey and I’m all-in!

SeniorDogDays is where I share my family’s experience with senior dog care, ailments, behavior changes, products that work and don’t work, costs of senior dog care (which is incredibly high) and of course my favorite: senior dog fun.

If I believe in a product, I may include an affiliate link which could lead to me earning and those are called “affiliate links.” It’s not my full time job, it’s a hobby that I love. If you choose to try a product and use one of my affiliate links, it is appreciated. I’ll never put the possibility of earning above an honest review.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy our articles. If there is a topic you would like covered, comment on any blog post…I’ll see it.

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