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updated to reflect results of trial (stop monthly injections) June 2019

It’s not very often when a product has consistent rave reviews, but Adequan Canine is one of those times. I personally give it to my 12 year old senior dog and find it to be a remarkable product.

Basis for My Review of Adequan Canine

My 12 year old dog is 90 pounds and a German Shepard, Husky, Borzoi, Boxer mix. He’s a very “leggy” dog and has arthritis in his spine and hips.

As a fellow dog owner, you probably know that arthritis is a progressively degenerative condition and requires a multi-pronged approach.

Products work for some symptoms, but as arthritis progress, new products are required to alleviate the new symptoms. For those of you interested, I’ve documented our journey with arthritis products here: Arthritis Pain Relief: Products That Work for Us

My Positive Results and Why I’m Happy to Review Adequan Canine

You can read even more about our experience with Canine Adequan on the article I mentioned above to, but here is why (in a nutshell), I love Adequan.

Bottom line: I love it because my arthritic dog showed incredible improvement shortly after his third Adequan injection. The reason we were looking for a new product was because his back paw was beginning to twist inward and sometimes it would even drag behind during our walks which happens as spine and hip arthritis progresses.

Canine Adequan reversed that symptom and improved my dogs mobility in a short period of time. On top of that, my 12 year old dog seems far more spry and willing to keep walking now since completing the treatment.

My One Concern with Using Adequan Canine

Here’s what concerns me with canine adequan:

My veterinarian instructed us to give our dog adequan as directed, which is 2 injections/week over 4 weeks, but then she said he should be given an injection every month thereafter. I didn’t question this…that is until I actually read the dosing regimen as per the manufacturers instructions.

According to the maker of Adequan, they do not recommend any other dosing other than the 2x/week for 4 weeks (max 8) and they explicitly say so on their website when looking at FAQ’s for Vet’s. Here is a snippet:

Q: What is the treatment protocol after the first eight injections?

Answer: the approved label dose of Adequan Canine is .02 ml per pound of body weight by intramuscular injection only, twice weekly for up to four weeks (maximum of eight injections). We have no further studies or technical data supporting a use protocol beyond of the approved label dosing Vet FAQ’s

So, of course, I called the Adequan hotline number and asked about the monthly injections as prescribed by the veterinarian. The makers confirmed that they have no FDA approval for monthly dosing and that they cannot recommend this.

I called my dog’s 2nd vet and asked her what she knew about Adequan and she ALSO said she would recommend it monthly after the series. So, my dilemma remains, but we are leaning toward NOT doing it monthly and just doing the series 2x per year.

In any case, my conflicting information should NOT stop you from trying Canine Adequan as directed (2x week for 4 weeks). It really made a huge difference in my dog’s arthritis.

Things to Remember When Giving Canine Adequan Shots at Home

You’ll need a prescription from your veterinarian in order to do this at home. I’m skilled at giving shots and my vet walked me through approved injection sites, then I did it in front of them. In any case, here are some current guidelines, but always follow directions on the actual package in your hand.

  • The vial stopper may be punctured a maximum of 10 times
  • Do not put canine adequan in the refrigerator. Store the product between 68-77
  • Use within 28 days of 1st puncture (which supports the manufacturers recommendation NOT to use this product monthly or other than the twice a week for 4 weeks).
  • Use a clean needle every time
  • Sterilize the vial top before each use.

Adequan Canine Where to Buy

Your veterinarian might sell Adequan Canine, mine did at twice the price of chewy. Which I find infuriating since I was giving home injections. Anyway, my vet sold each vial for $119 while chewy sells a TWO pack of vials for nearly the same price.

So if you want to save over $100, on your Adequan prescription, head to Chewy and order it here: Adequan Canine 2 Pack (link) . You’ll have to fill out your vet’s name and phone number but then they do all the work for verifying the prescription.

If you only need one vial and are looking to save money, Entirely Pets Pharmacy sells Adequan Canine in the 2 pack, but they also offer it in a single. This will ultimately save you money if you have a small dog and only need one bottle.

Here is the link to Entirely Pets Pharmacy: – Free Shipping on orders over $39 at Entirely Pets Pharmacy

It’s important to know that if you order online, the Canine Adequan will not come with syringes so you’ll need those if you decide on home therapy shots. Your vet can supply them or remember to order them with your Adequan.

If you take your dog into the vet for the shots, you’re probably at the mercy of their pricing.

Final Thoughts on My Review of Adequan Canine

Aside from the dosing dilemma, this product worked wonders on my dog’s arthritis. Adequan Canine Reviews are plentiful on chewy and I encourage you to read what other dog owners are saying as well.

People give Adequan overwhelmingly positive feedback and I also recommend the product based on personal experience and results from my dog with bad arthritis.

If you feel like your dog’s arthritis has progressed and needs something a little more potent, I encourage you to try a series of Adequan Canine injections. Here’s the link again to chew’s online pricing: Adequan Canine .

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Adequan Injection UPDATE: JUNE 2019

For those of you following our journey with Adequan, or if you’re just reading this article for the first time, we decided to stop giving our 12 yr old monthly injections. This was based only on the fact that monthly injections are not approved by the manufacturer (even though both our vets recommend to continue monthly shots after the initial series).

So, we skipped the May 2019 injection and after about 2.5 weeks, my dog was back to limping and having a hard time getting up. He also laid around a lot more than normal which was out of character but it was clearly a strain for him to get into a standing position and he began tripping up our stairs again (back paw dragging). We resumed the injection (under vet advisement) and within 5 days, he was back to where he left off before we stopped. – We are going to continue Monthly injections as prescribed by our vet going forward.

6 thoughts on “Adequan Canine Reviews

  1. Adequan did absolutely nothing to help my 10 year-old golden retriever with her arthritis. I administered the two injections, intramuscularly, for the four weeks it was required. I am now out $250 and she has not relief. I thought this was supposed to be the best medicine for arthritis but, obviously, the reviews are overblown. Maybe the comments are submitted by people who represent the maker of Adequan and just want this useless drug to sell.

    1. Summer, I feel your pain! I’ve tried so many products that have amazing reviews and hundreds of dollars later…they didn’t work for my dog. I’ve written about those too. For my dog Adequan Canine is changing his life for the better and I do NOT represent the makers for Adequan or any other makers of arthritis supplements/drugs for dogs. My 12 year old, 90 pound dog gets Movoflex Daily, Human grade Glucosamine with Chondroitin, Daily, MSM Daily and he gets Krill Oil too. As I mention in the article, I was concerned that Adequan wasn’t approved for monthly maintenance injections so we decided to stop for the month of May. About 3 weeks later, my dog had extreme difficulty getting up and reverted to not participating in simple activities that he once enjoyed (like joining the family in the backyard and going upstairs at night). We resumed the injections and he is back enjoying life and getting up with much greater ease. For us, Adequan is a keeper and we decided to give it monthly as directed by our vet even though the maker doesn’t approve. it’s a personal decision…I have to face the facts that my extra large breed is already defying the odds at 12 years old and I’m fortunate enough to be able to try products that will keep him as pain-free as possible. I’m really sorry it didn’t work for your 10 year old Golden.

      1. We just started to give our soon to be 10 year old South African Boerboel (Mastiff line) Adaquan injections. So far he’s had 2 in a week and has shown no improvement at all….in fact at time he seems worse after the injection. he’s also getting laser therapy. He’s been living with arthritis in his spine, rear legs and hip dysplasia for many years now and has been getting worse over the past few months, he has trouble getting up, walking around the house or outside he looks so unstable and wobbly. We are hoping that we will see an improvement possibly after he’s had more injections since only on his 3rd one today. So hard seeing our big guy (over 130lbs) having such a rough time with his rear end/legs right now. Hoping for some positive results soon!

        1. Hi Sheryl, I’ve heard great things about laser therapy. My dog went through a mysterious neck injury about 5 years ago and the vet prescribed 10 sessions or so of laser therapy. I’m keeping that (and acupuncture) in mind for his inevitable next phase of arthritis. I’m also halfway through a CBD regimen that would replace his Vetprofen pill (very promising) and will share our results around mid-July. Personally, I would love to stick with just the natural ingredients but Adequan really improved his life. You’ve got a big boy and I know the sudden changes are heart-breaking. We do our best to manage the decline, which is sharper and faster in our dogs than humans. Best of luck to you and your South African Boerboel. Keep us posted on laser and adequan results.

  2. Started my 7 year old Lab on An Adaquan Regime at the advice of my Vet. We followed the normal dosing guidelines at first and then administered a shot once a month for the rest of my Lab’s life. My Lab lived to be 14 1/2. The last two years of her life we would do monthly laser therapy on her hips and joints at the same time as we administered the Adaquan shot. We noticed an immediate improvement in her mobility using the Adaquan shots…and that mobility would last about 3 to 3 1/2 weeks…we could always tell when it was time for another Adaquan shot.
    Adaquan is such a great product with none of the awful side effects of constant NSAID use. Would not hesitate to follow the same protocol with my new Lab pup down the road ,if necessary

    1. Laurie thanks so much for sharing your previous experience with Adequan. We are also on the monthly injections now (I do them at home) and see the same thing you did. After about 3.5 weeks, symptoms slowly come back and then after the shot, it only takes a day or two for those symptoms to go away. Best of luck with your new lab pup!

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