What CBD Oil Should I Get For My Dog

what CBD should I get for my dog

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Hi everyone, this article is a quick guide for dog owners that are new to CBD and are looking for pointers when it comes to selecting the right CBD product for their dog.

There are literally hundreds of CBD makers to choose from but just like any supplement you may buy: quality matters! We’ve done the research and will link to full feature research articles in the summary. But first, let’s answer your question:

What CBD Oil Should I Get For My Dog? Do your best to find a CBD Oil that has the following qualities and you’ll end up with a good, safe product:

  • Organically Farmed
  • Extracted From USA Grown Hemp
  • Pure Hemp (No alternate filler oils)
  • Potent (apx. 50mg CBD per mL)
  • 3rd Party Lab Results 
  • Tested for Pesticides and Microbes
  • Full Spectrum
  • Extracted with CO2

We at SeniorDogDays have extensively studied over 20 companies that are making CBD for dogs. That project resulted in us narrowing down the field to just 2 companies we would recommend to people asking what CBD oil you should get for your dog.

The CBD We Recommend and What We Use on Our Pets

We use both companies for our own pets and that’s why we feel good recommending them. At the end of this article, we will share links to our research so you can see exactly how and why we arrived at these 2 CBD makers for pets.

Here are our two picks out of over 20 companies researched:

#1NuLeaf Naturals (affiliate link to product) – Think of NuLeaf as a Top Shelf CBD for dogs (and people). They are first in class, potent and the only product they offer is CBD Oil from a very unique, hemp strain. If NuLeaf CBD for pets fits your budget, it won’t get any better. Bonus: Use our website name: SENIORDOGDAYS as a coupon code at checkout and NuLeaf will give you 20% off.

#2Holistapet (affiliate link to product) – Think of Holistapet as an everyday CBD, catering to the masses. They provide everything we are looking for in a high-quality CBD but the price is friendlier on the family budget. In addition to oil, they offer Treats and Capsules (we love the capsules for big dogs)! Bonus: Use code: SENIORDOGDAYS as a promo code at checkout and save 15% on anything except their already reduced bundles.


Here is a chart that leads you through our decision making process. This is just a small sample of how we charted and scored over 20 CBD products marketed toward our dogs.

CBD oil infographic image helps consumers pick a CBD oil for their dog.
What CBD should I get for my dog? Our research table

To read the articles where we go through the steps of our extensive research and see exactly why we pick these two companies please visit the following in-house articles:

Review of 4 CBD Makers Marketed at Pets

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