Snout Soother vs. Vitamin E – Let’s Tackle Dog Nose Woes

image shows dogs rough nose and suggests use of snout soother or vitamin e to relieve the dog's chapped nose

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Today we are going to compare 2 products that are often recommended by veterinarians to help dogs that are suffering from a dry, cracked or chapped nose.

While both products offer relief, we’ll take a look at some unique factors that might help you decide which product might be most appropriate for you and your dog’s unique situation.

Before we get into the pros and cons and look at the comparison table, I know some of you are just looking to find out where to buy the stuff (especially the Snout Soother) so here is where to find both Snout Soother and Vitamin E:

Snout Soother Where to Buy

You’ll be delighted to know that Snout Soother can be sitting at your doorstep in just a few short days because the makers of Snout Soother sell their product in two convenient ways:

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1-Through their own website link here: Natural Dog Company.  If you like buying directly from the company, they are offering a 10% discount for my website visitors. Use the promo code SeniorDogDays (lower case) at check out to take advantage of this Snout Soother Coupon.

2-For amazon lovers, you’ll be happy to know that the company also allows orders through amazon–(Quick Link to Snout Soother) on amazon.

I encourage you to check both online shops for current sale pricing.

Vitamin E Where to Buy

Vitamin E comes in thousands of variables because it can be derived from so many plants like sunflowers or jojoba. When using Vitamin E for softening of extremely hard, rough skin or (dog nose) vets recommend the good stuff.

If you buy it at the drugstore make sure it is 100% Vitamin E oil and preferably organic. Here is a Quick Link to 100% Vitamin E Oil.

Now let’s get on with the comparison of these two great products for dealing with your dog’s chapped, rough or cracked nose. First we’ll do pros and cons, then we’ll review the comparison table for a side-by-side assessment.

About Snout Smoother for Dog Nose Healing


Sizes – One of the best consumer features of this product is it’s sold in various sizes (including travel) which allows you to try it for a rather small investment.

SunScreen – Not highly protective but Snout Soother does have SPF 9 and provides some sun protection.

Selection – They offer a multipack of their product line which includes the Snout Smoother, Paw Balm and Skin Balm and again…extremely fair in price.

If you have ever considered paw balms or skin balms, take a look at their whole line and consider the trial pack kit.


Lots of Ingredients – While lots of ingredients isn’t always a bad thing you have to make sure your dog is agreeable to all the ingredients listed (we’ll see them in the upcoming table).

Scent – While there is no added fragrance, some of the oils do carry a scent, which makes it have a gentle, yet present scent.

About Vitamin E for Healing a Dog’s Cracked, Rough, Dry Nose


Sharability – Both you and your dog can use vitamin E oil for all types of skin problems. If you have scars or dry skin vitamin E serves double duty for you and your dog’s nose.

Lacks a Scent – It’s about as close to unscented as something as an oil can get. Which means your dog is likely to accept the application.

Long Lasting– According to the makers, the contents can last up to 2 years when you keep the bottle out of direct light.


Wheat – Since it is derived from wheat germ, do not use this on dogs that are allergic to gluten and do not use it on yourself if you have gluten allergies.

Portability – Yes the bottle is small and the top screws on tight, but still…when traveling with a bottle of oil somehow the oil always ends up on the outside of the bottle.

What Snout Soother and Vitamin E have in Common

Snout Soother and the 100% Vitamin E Oil have high quality ingredients, they are made in the USA, and are vegan and cruelty free.

These products contain vitamin E oils which requires proper storage and handling. You can’t leave the tin or bottle open to air, or the product benefits degrade.

Here is the final summary. It is a table that compares key elements of each product side by side. See if any of these qualities tips the scales for you.

Summary Table: Snout Soother Vs. Vitamin E for Dog Nose

Current Price
& More Reviews
Link to Product DetailsLink to Product Details
ApplicationRub on Fingers
Apply to Nose
Use Dropper or Pump
Apply to Nose
IngredientsOrganic Hemp Seed Oil
Organic Shea Butter
Organic Coconut Oil
Organic Grapeseed Oil
Organic Jojoba Oil
Kukui Oil
Canelilla Wax
Natural Vitamin E
Rosemary Extract

100% Organic Vitamin E
from Wheat Germ
120 Day Satisfaction
30 Day Money
Back Guarantee
saves 10%

The Snout Soother comes with a very generous 120 day guarantee.

The Vitamin E oil is versatile, shareable, and pretty simple in that it’s just one ingredient, however a 30 day guarantee is not a lot of time to track results.

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