Expensive Gifts for Dog Lovers. Got Money? These Dog Gifts Prove It!

expensive gift for dog lovers review of what every dog owner wants but cannot afford.

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This article is inspired by a guy named Dan from New York.  Dan wrote in to tell me that a very dear friend of his was retiring and he was drawing a blank as to what kind of gift would be good enough to mark such a special occasion.  He asked: “if money were no object, what would a soon to be retired, dog lover want?”   Until that moment, it never really occurred to me that rich or well-to-do people sometimes look for expensive gifts for dog lovers. And, if they don’t own a dog themselves, they may need a little help getting pointed in the right direction.

So, if you’re the kind of guy or gal that likes to spread cheer by buying Expensive Gifts for Dog Lovers, this post is for you.  I’ve polled my friends, my sister, my cousins and my closest neighbors and came up with 3 solid, sure to please, recommendations for those of you with deep pockets and we’ve broken them down into these categories:

  • All around BEST expensive gift for dog lovers – from new puppy parents to senior dog pros; most dog lovers want this-BAD.
  • Best Expensive Gifts for Dogs Lovers who are Fit and Active (but their dog is not).
  • Best Expensive Gifts for Dog Lovers who love High End Looks or Fashion

Let’s dive in:

All Around Best Expensive Gifts for Dog Lovers: TOP PICK

I don’t know a dog owner who doesn’t want the Petcube.  Problem is, most of us are too busy spending our money on dog food, dog treats (not to mention vet bills) that we simply cannot justify the expense of the Petcube….BUT WE WANT IT!

The Petcube Bites 2nd Generation (Petcube Bites 2 link to product) is our top pick for those of you looking to say:  “I can afford it, and I want you to have it” and here is why it’s worth every single penny.

Why Petcube Bites 2 is this year’s best expensive gift for dog lovers:

  • It’s about the Only gift that will truly entertain BOTH Human and DOG.
  • It’s kind of like gifting the human a SuperPower
  • Pet lovers can watch their dog, speak to their dog and dispense treats from their mobile device from any modern day wi-fi hub in the world.
  • The recipient will think of your gift every day.
  • It gives the dog lover peace of mind and provides stimulation and treats to a dog year round
  • It’s fun to talk about and show it off to other people. 
  • The Petcube Bites 2  blends seamlessly into home décor while other makers are big and clunky fixtures that scream “pet camera”

If you go this route, just make sure you go with the Petcube Bites 2 (link to product) and not the original (just plain Petcube). Dog owners spoke and Petcube listened!  It didn’t take long for Petcube to come out with the Petcube 2 which incorporates all the improvements dog owners wanted to have in a pet cam, phone controlled treat dispensing device.

So if you’ve got the money and your intended recipient has a modern phone and a home internet connection (wi-fi), you’ll achieve Top Dog status by gifting the Petcube 2.

What if you’re dog lover has no phone or wi-fi?  Let’s move onto some other incredibly cool gifts that we dog owners want, but don’t buy because they are too expensive!

High Ticket Gifts For the Trendy, Fashionable Dog Lover

For the most part, dog merchandise and fashion are on opposite ends of the spectrum.  One casual search for a nice dog bed, dog jacket or even a collar is usually met with loud, cutesy prints splattered in paw or bone shapes.  But there is a company that changes the tacky dog decor stigma by offering high-quality, extremely modern, updated merchandise that would take first place at any dog merchandise fashion show.

Who is this company?  Answer: Orvis and Orvis (link to website) has been making dog owners drool  over their high end products for over 100 years.

What to buy?  Frankly….just about anything from Orvis is a BIG DEAL gift and most dog owners  covet their offerings.  From custom leashes, water bowls or needlepoint collars, you can simply browse the Orvis website, read reviews and get creative!  And if you’re an amazon only kind of buyer, Orvis does sell some merchandise on amazon, but they cannot be customized (link to Orvis products).

Here are some Orvis gifts suggestions to get you thinking:

Orvis Dog Bed: A Dog Owners Dream

Even if your intended recipient already has a dog bed for their dog, no one in their right might wouldn’t go bonkers at the sight of an Orvis dog bed.  We all know they’re amazing, consistently rated high, but it’s hard to drop that kind of money on a dog bed.  So if you can gift it….go for it!

You simply can’t go wrong with an Orvis dog bed. Want bonus points?  Orvis can embroider a dog’s name on most of their high-end offerings and that makes it even more luxurious.   Have a look at their countless styles and patterns to choose from here: Link to Orvis High End Dog Beds

Orvis For Our Traveling, Go Everywhere Dogs

Most dog lovers are well-known for taking their dog everywhere. Not too many people without a dog know this but: vehicle  seating can be challenging.  Orvis has an excellent travel section that focuses on keeping dogs safe and comfortable.

Orvis has solved the dreaded “seat gap issue” that make us all drive like timid, worry-warts and their  quality, non-slip covers are second to none….as expected. If you decide to go with a seat extender there are 2 versions. Definitely spring for the seat extender that has storage space. Here is the link: Dog Seat Extender with Storage

You can check out Orvis’ entire travel section here: Orvis Dog Travel (link)You you can create a travel package that includes Canine Water Canteens, Traveling Dog Food Bags, There’s even an Orvis Weekend Kit.  Have Fun Building your own Orvis personalized gift pack.

Orvis For the Inseparable Duo:  Dogs that Sleep in the Bed

I know from personal experience that beds get dirty rather quickly when we sleep with our dogs.  Most dog owners have a few shall we say: “homely” bed toppers because we know we need to wash them all the time.  If this sounds like your intended recipient, I highly recommend an Orvis Dog-Proof Fleece Bed Topper (link to product).

These are heavy-duty bed toppers and will literally become a blanket and comforter all in one.  The best part is their magical waterproof liner that keeps drool (or bladder accidents) inside the blanket and protects the mattress.  Toss em’ in the washer and it’s like nothing ever happened! 

They come in Twin, Queen and King. If you go this route, consider 2 and in different colors.  That way, the recipient can have a change of scenery and put a new one dog-friendly bed topper on without having to do laundry. Here is the bed topper link again (link to bed topper).

These are just a few suggestions to get you started.  I encourage you to browse around Orvis’ entire Dog section (link) and have fun building your own personalized gift box.  Whether it’s a personalized Collar, Leash, bed or even a jacket….I’ve never met a dog owner that didn’t go gaga over Orvis merchandise for dogs.  Have fun!

Now let’s talk about expensive dog gifts for those that are active…

Best Expensive Gifts for the Fit and Active Dog Lovers (with inactive dogs)

If you’re buying for a person that loves to ride a bicycle or jog around town, these next expensive gifts are sure to please because they give the gift of even more togetherness.  Personally, I am a bicycle enthusiast and there are 2 members of our group that are lucky enough to bring their dogs because someone sprang for a really expensive piece of equipment.   These dogs definitely make our bike ride picnics way more fun! 

Homerun Gift For the Dog Loving Bike Enthusiast

You can hit it out of the park with a high quality bike trailer like this one from PetSafe.  It’s called the Solvit Houndabout Bicycle Trailer (Link to Bike Trailer)

The Houndabout trailer was recently updated from a steel frame to aluminium; making it much lighter without compromising strength.  The wheel size for large dogs is 20” and it can handle dogs up to 110 pounds. So it’s great for a big dog or 2 or 3 smaller ones.

This is a high-end bike trailer (link to product) designed to keep a dog comfortable through bumpy parts of the journey.  The wheels are AIR, not plastic like some models.  This version also has a sunroof flap which is a huge bonus for the dog.

Gift Ideas For the Dog Loving Jogger

Design is everything when it comes to a dog stroller made for jogging.  The front wheel has to be thoughtfully engineered so the jogger doesn’t have to steer and run at the same time.  And  the whole system needs to be adjustable according to the joggers height. 

If you think your jogging dog lover would like to spend even more quality time with their pup and you’ve got the funds, definitely check out Ibiyaya Dog Jogger (link to product) for runners. This is an ideal gift for the dog lover who has a smaller dog that cannot keep pace or an older, arthritic dog that still wants to participate in walks or runs with their owner.

It is rated for up to 110 pounds and the handlebar is easily adjusted to suit the jogger’s height.  The tires are NOT plastic but use AIR which ensures the dog a smoother ride.  And a cool feature is its quick release tires which allow the entire unit to fold up  in about 7 seconds. 


Hopefully you’ve gotten some good ideas and a direction to head in if you’re searching for expensive gifts for dog lovers.  And for the most part, dog owners are not hard to please.  Bottom line, we pretty much love any gift that is of fine quality or can help us spend more quality time together.

Just think of your intended recipient and their dog and no doubt you’ll pick the perfect gift. Of course it would be amazing to receive a high-end gift like the ones highlighted in this article, because most dog owners simply cannot fit “luxury dog items” into the family budget. But it really is the thought that counts…no matter what you select.

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