Best Orthopedic Bed for Dogs: (After Surgery, Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, Seniors)

best orthopedic dog bed after surgery, for hip dysplasia, and for arthritic dogs.

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There are at least a handful of companies who are leading the pack when it comes to making the best orthopedic bed for dogs and this article will highlight these dedicated, US based manufacturers.

Companies Leading the Pack on Orthopedic Dog Beds

Our focus will be on FOUR companies who operate, design and manufacture their orthopedic dog beds in the United States. They have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from dog owners whose pet suffers from hip-dysplasia, arthritis, post-surgery pain, immobility, paralysis, and/or muscle weakness or muscle loss.

All of these conditions cause pain and inflammation for our dogs which is only exacerbated by flimsy, unsupportive bedding claiming to be orthopedic. Here are the featured companies.

You can click the respective links to be taken directly to reviews and their product line, but I hope you’ll continue reading to get a thorough understanding of the orthopedic dog bed industry and why these companies lead the pack. The US companies making great orthopedic beds for dogs are:

K-9 Ballistics Orthopedic Dog Beds

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Beds

Bully Orthopedic Dog Beds

Kuranda Orthopedic Dog Beds

Understanding the “Orthopedic” Industry

Before we explore these products, let’s address our need to research orthopedic claims in the first place.  Since we are trying to find the best orthopedic bed for dogs that are suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia or our dog that is recovering from surgery, we must broach the subject of quality.

Our first order of business is to clarify and define, once and for all, exactly what makes any product (not just dog beds) “orthopedic.” And in doing so, we’ll quickly learn how to sift through the all the orthopedic dog bed advertising claims.  

One thing that might come as a surprise is that all types of beds, whether they be elevated or on the floor can be orthopedic and it’s even more important for us to separate legitimate orthopedic engineering from. clever marketing strategy.

Here we go… 

What is an Orthopedic Dog Bed? 

In theory:  an orthopedic dog bed is a dog bed that has been thoughtfully engineered to specifications that are proven to take pressure off of bones and joints that are most likely to cause pain and discomfort in your dog’s skeletal and muscular system.

A thoughtfully designed orthopedic bed will address factors like weight distribution, material density, compression, absorption, airflow and takes a holistic approach to skeletal and muscular support.  

A truly, orthopedic dog bed alleviates pain associated with hip dysplasia, arthritis and surgical recovery.

In reality: an orthopedic dog bed requires absolutely no certification, no testing and undergoes no qualification process in order to be advertised as orthopedic.  This means the term can be broadly used in the marketing and advertising of dog beds in an effort to increase sales…And it is.

For this reason, it is important to research the dog beds that claim to be orthopedic so we know our money is going toward a bed that may actually help provide the cushion we are expecting and most importantly, relief from pain associated with our dog’s inflamed joints and bones.  

Foam is to Orthopedics as Concrete is to Foundations

As consumer luck would have it, there is no one material that is certified orthopedic. But somewhere along the line, we’ve been conditioned to believe memory foam and egg crate foam to be synonymous with orthopedics and that is not the case.

Memory foam and egg crate foam have orthopedic qualities and are often used to engineer and craft orthopedic products, but the material themselves are not necessarily orthopedic on their own. 

An ideal comparison would be “foam is to orthopedics as concrete is to foundations.”  Concrete is commonly used in housing foundations but it has to be mixed appropriately, poured to strict specifications, reinforced, and property cured in order to perform the job of bearing the weight of an entire house. 

The same concept holds true for foams, or any other filler for that matter. It’s not the product itself that is orthopedic, it’s the way it’s engineered, designed and ultimately manufactured.

In order for dog beds to be orthopedic, the entire design of the bed has to be engineered to relive pain by alleviating pressure points.  An elevated bed can be orthopedic with the right design, a foam bed can be orthopedic with the right design etc., but all foam beds are not orthopedic, all egg crate beds are not orthopedic and all elevated beds are not orthopedic. 

One good look at a manufacturer’s website and a few phone calls can help you filter through the “orthopedic” claims and that’s exactly what we’ve done for you in this article.

Today we’ll look at a few companies who take orthopedic beds seriously and aren’t just inserting low quality, premade foam or filler between some fabric and calling it orthopedic. 

Tell-tale Signs of Underperforming Orthopedic Dog Deds

Hand Wash Only Parts: If you have to gently wash a feces or urine covered dog bed then what’s the point?  High quality dog bed makers are constantly improving design to make covers machine washable and bedding usually includes some type of waterproof protection.  The mention things like zipper design, stitch count and advanced sewing techniques.

No Warranty or Lame Warranty: Carefully read ads that boast of a “lifetime warranty” most fine print will reveal that the warranty covers a defect in manufacturing only (which is not so easy to argue after the bed has been used).  A good orthopedic dog bed maker will warrant your dog’s bed against foam compression and flattening for several years. 

100 Lb Max Weight: Their top of the line dog bed supports 100 pounds maximum. Now this may seem harsh, but there are hundreds of thousands of dogs who are over 100 lbs in need of a dog bed.  Why would a company not cater to large or giant breeds?  Perhaps it’s because they don’t spend money on high quality foam.

Consumer Reviews: In this day and age a product that averages 3 or less stars means there is plenty of room for improvement.  You can also sort reviews that mention specific items such as dog arthritis, hip dysplasia and owners who’ve purchased the bed for their dog recovering from surgery.

Top Orthopedic Dog Bed Companies and Their Products

Now that you have a good understanding of the orthopedic dog bed industry, lets dive into the companies who are doing things right. Here, we will learn a little bit about their story and manufacturing methods.

K-9 Ballistics Orthopedic Dog Beds

This company comprised of dedicated animal lovers is not just sticking memory foam between fabrics.  They are inspired designers and they have a never-ending supply of happy consumers.  They do 3rd party testing and offer incredible warranty’s on their orthopedic beds – 10 years in fact.  Here is a snippet:

We offer a ten-year guarantee against flattening for all our orthopedic mattresses. If you experience any loss of support or flattening of the bed within that time period, simply send a photo of the flattened foam to our warranty department along with your order information. We will then get a one-time replacement mattress sent out to you free of charge.

Direct from K-9 Ballistics

They make their own foam in the USA and are dedicated to offering beds for all dogs, not just the small and medium size. They understand what orthopedic really means and have designers and engineers in place to deliver what consumers are expecting.  Here is another snipped from their site along with some of their key metrics:

Constructed from 5″ solid CertiPUR-USA® no glue foam our orthopedic mattress is perfectly calibrated to support pups of all ages and sizes. This mattress distributes weight evenly offering spine and joint protection for individual dogs or multiple dogs (and their humans) up to 350 pounds. Fewer pressure points create better blood circulation and mitigate pain, enhancing sleep quality and comfort.

Direct form K-9 Ballistics

You can learn more about the incredible selection of K-9 Ballistics orthopedic Dog Beds, check price and read reviews. Click HERE for K-9 Ballistics Dog Beds

Kuranda Orthopedic Dog Beds

This small manufacturing company operating out of Maryland dominates the elevated dog bed market.  They are inspired by offering relief to dogs that suffer from allergies, incontinence, and are also dedicated to the design and engineering of orthopedic elevated dog beds.

They have a very consumer friendly warranty.  Here is a snippet from Kuranda’s site:

Elevated beds are a great relief for dogs’ joints. The cot-style design evenly distributes their weight so that there are no pressure points such as hips, shoulders or elbows that would get sore like they would have if the dog was lying on the ground. Other beds will also harbor allergens. Kuranda beds have no stuffing to collect dirt, bugs and dander so dogs that have sensitive skin or allergies often benefit greatly from this clean, foam-free design.

Direct from Kuranda’s Site

Kuranda offers consumers a solid warranty on their elevated dog beds, including dog destruction. If an elevated dog bed is your dog’s bed of choice or if you’re looking for a bed that helps older dogs with the task of going from laying to standing, consider an elevated bed.

This design allows larger dogs to slide off their bed and onto the floor vs. having to engage their back legs for the task of holding weight.

You can learn more about the different orthopedic dog beds by Kuranda, check prices and read reviews. Click Here for Kuranda Dog Beds

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

Inspired by a man’s love for his large sized dog named Hank. Hank was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and needed a hip replacement and through that journey, Big Barker was born.

This company is doing an incredible job supplying real orthopedic dog beds to our large dogs of the world.  One visit to their site and you’ll probably agree that their enthusiasm for quality dog bedding is contagious! 

Here is a snippet from their site:

Made with 7″ of American Made therapeutic foam, the same foam used in expensive furniture. Supports every curve of a big dog’s body. Big dogs don’t sink through the bed, full grown humans feel comfortable laying on a Big Barker.

Our foam is durable, comfortable, and meets CertiPUR-US standards for content, emissions, and durability & has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.

The famous Big Barker foam will retain at least 90% of its shape & support for the next 10 years or we’ll replace it!

Direct from Big Barker Site

You can learn more about Big Barker Dog Beds, check the price and read reviews. by Clicking HERE: Big Barker Dog Beds

Bully Orthopedic Dog Bed

A small, family-owned business out of Florida inspired by their dog Bull.  Their slogan pretty much sums up their dedication to quality:  “The affordable dog bed with a 20 year warranty.” 

It’s hard to believe a dog bed could last you through two dogs’ lifetimes, but Bully’s 20 year warranty against flattening is real.

Here is a snippet from their site:

All Bully Beds come with free shipping – and free returns! If your dog doesn’t like his new bed, simply send it back to us. No hassle – we’ll even cover the cost. And you’ll never pay extra for a waterproof liner – it’s included too!

Every Bully Bed includes our industry-leading 20-Year Warranty. It’s simple: if your bed goes flat and doesn’t support your dog over the next 20 years, we’ll replace it, free of charge, no questions asked.

Direct from Bully site

Bully orthopedic beds also mention the following qualities which we discussed earlier:

  • – 20 Year Warranty against flattening
  • – 7″ Thickness On  XL & XXL, Medium 4″ Large 5″ Thickness)
  • – 4.5lb Density
  • – Designed for orthopedic joint and hip support to reduce discomfort.
  • – Washable and Removable Microfiber Cover
  • – Water Resistant Outer Cover
  • – Heavy Duty Zipper With Cover
  • – Non-Slip Base

You can learn more about Bully beds, check the price and read reviews. by Clicking HERE: Bully Orthopedic Dog Beds

Final Message on Choosing the Best Orthopedic Bed for Dogs

Something all of these companies have in common is that they were inspired by a dog they loved.  This is the type of commitment and honesty we’re looking for when consumers are looking to purchase real “orthopedic” dog beds. 

You can thank these companies by doing business with them.  They all are located in the United States and they’ve been personally affected by a dog’s need for orthopedic dog bed that provides real relief. Because of this, they offer some of the best quality, truly orthopedic dog beds available, offer peace of mind warranties and continuously strive for excellence.

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