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If you’re brand new to supplements that help alleviate the painful symptoms of arthritis in dogs, I feel for you. Looking back over the years, I’ve probably spent over a hundred hours researching (like you are now) and way, way more than a hundred dollars.

Some products work, others don’t, arthritis progresses and inevitably you’ll need to address evolving symptoms with different products.

This article is Part 2 of a Dog Joint Supplement Series where I do side by side comparisons of products targeting our dog’s mobility. Part 1 compared Dasuquin to Movoflex – link to article.

In each series, I share my personal experience when used by my 12 year old, extra large breed, 90 pound, arthritic senior dog: Frodo.

senior dog that takes dasuquin
Frodo and I on Halloween

Today, we are talking about Dasuquin for dogs and the 3 products offered in the Nutramax Dasuquin for dogs lineup. Here are the Dasuquin titles and what this article will cover.

Dasuquin Regular

This is the standard, no frills, basic offering. You can buy Dasuquin for small dogs or Dasuquin for Large Dogs and you can buy it through numerous online channels. You’ll learn ingredients, estimated cost, product highlights and you’ll see my honest review.

Dasuquin with MSM

Dasuquin with MSM is essentially the regular version with MSM added. You’ll find Dasuquin with MSM for Large Dogs and also a Small Dog version, both easy to find online. Coming up you’ll see the full ingredient list, estimated cost, highlights and my honest review.

Dasuquin Advanced Ingredients

My large breed dog was on Dasuquin Advanced for a short time an I share my honest Dasuquin Advanced Review in the next section.

First, I’ll present the comparison table. After the table, I go over my personal experience with the product, whether or not I still use the product and of course: my review of all 3 Dasuquin products and the reasons behind my decision to either continue or stop using the product.

Here is the Table:

3 Dasuquin Products Compared Side by Side (Regular, MSM & Advanced)



Dasuquin MSM
dasuquin vs dasuquin advanced supplement
Dasuquin Advanced
Glucosamine Hydrochloride
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate
ASU Powder
Glucosamine Hydrochloride
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate
ASU Powder
Glucosamine Hydrochloride
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate
ASU Powder
*Boswellia Serrata Extract
*Curcuma Longa Extract
*Green Tea Extract
*Alpha-Lipoic Acid
*Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA)
*Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)
4-6 Weeks
4-6 Weeks
4-6 Weeks
2 Formulas
Dogs 60-120lbs
Dogs 10-59lbs
2 Formulas
Dogs 60-120lbs
Dogs 10-59lbs
2 Formulas
Dogs 60-120lbs
Dogs 10-59lbs
PackagingFoil Bag
84 Count or
150 Count
Foil Bag
84 Count or
150 Count
Foil Bag
64 Count or
140 Count
Where to BuyVet Offices
Vet Offices
Vet Office Only
Prescription?Not RequiredNot RequiredYes and Only
Sold By Veterinarians
Check Chewy PriceProduct LinkProduct LinkN/A
Check Amazon PriceProduct LinkProduct LinkN/A

Loading Dose for All Dasuquin

No matter the version, (Regular, MSM, Advanced) a 4-6 week loading dose is recommended. This means for the first 4-6 weeks, you give 2 chews instead of 1 as a way to “load up” your dog’s system.

Ingredients – Dasuquin Regular vs. Dasuquin MSM vs. Dasuquin Advanced

At the foundation of each version of Dasuquin is Glucosamine and Chondroitin and to me that’s a very good thing. My veterinarian recommended these 2 supplements on my dog’s 6th year birthday and he’s been taking these two joint supplements ever since.

All versions also contain ASU powder which is reported to enhance the effeciveness of glucosamine and chondroitin.

From there, Dasuquin MSM version is exactly the same as Dasuquin Regular, except it adds MSM.

The Dasuquin Advanced formula provides all the basics and then some. I Love Boswellia Serrata Extract, green tea extract…sure, but then come the added Omega fatty acids and that’s where it all goes downhill for me, which we’ll cover in the section: Do I Use It.

Where Can I Buy Dasuquin For Dogs?

Who doesn’t like buying the identical product for less money? When it comes to Dasuquin Regular and Dasuquin with MSM, you’ll be able to buy it online and shop sale prices. If you’re going to be a regular buyer, you can save even more money if you sign up for auto-ship.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Dasuquin AdvancedĀ forĀ dogs, your price is dictated by your veterinarian and you may or may not be overpaying. I paid $48.00 for 64 chews which is just about 1 month’s worth when you consider the 4-6 week loading dose recommendation. Remember, the Dasuquin Advanced Formula (small bag) contains 20 LESS chews per bag than the other formulas.

Is .75 cents per chew a good deal? I have no idea but experience tells me everything sold at my vet’s office is highly marked-up. If you’re buying Dasuquin Advanced for dogs, I’d love to know what you’re paying…leave me a comment.

Price my vet charged me for Dasuquin Advanced 64 Count
Price I paid for Dasuquin Advanced at Vet Office

Dasuquin Reviews: Which Dasuquin I Give MY Dog and WHY

Between vet bills, new issues, supplements, and buying all the products that make life easier for a 90 pound arthritic, senior dog, the cost of care has really increased through the years. Therefore, my approach to joint supplements is seek out the best and save money whenever possible.

Supplements are not cheap and I want them to work! I would rather pay 50 for something that works than 20 for something that doesn’t…and a lot of supplements I’ve tried over the past 6 years have NOT produced visible results, which is what prompted me to begin this article series in the first place.

Of all 3 products, I like 2 and in this order

  1. Dasuquin
  2. Dasquin MSM

Dasuquin Regular Review: What I Like

I am a big fan of giving my dog human grade pills when possible and my vet suggested it long ago for Glucosamine, MSM and Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids, and that’s what I do. That being said…..

I like that Dasuquin Regular contains the basics which is glucosamine and chondroitin. These really are the foundation of joint health for both dogs and humans and it’s paired up with ASU which seems to have an added benefit when combined with the 2 fundamental ingredients.

Do I Give my dog Dasuquin Regular?

Yes, I have Dasuquin Regular in my home and use it when I travel or if I have to leave my dog with his dog sitter. It also comes in handy if I run out of human grade pills. Dasuquin Regular is easier to administer than human grade pills, which I have to wrap in peanut butter or cheese and that is not always convenient. So yes, I use it and I like it!

Dasuquin with MSM Review: What I Like

I like it, but I buy human grade MSM so it ends up costing a lot less than bumping up to Dasuquin with MSM. If you have no interest in saving some money by giving your dog human grade pills or if the idea of wrapping pills in cheese or peanut butter seems complicated, then definitely go for Dasuquin with MSM.

This will give you all of the benefits of Dasuquin Regular, plus you’ll be giving your dog and extra layer of joint health that comes from MSM.

Do I Give my Dog Dasuquin with MSM?

I have, I don’t anymore, but I would.

If I didn’t give human grade MSM I would absolutely, 100% be giving my dog Dasuquin with MSM. The chews are an easy form of delivery and extremely convenient for busy lives….plus my dog likes the taste.

The only reason I use human grade pills is to save money. I have a home filled with senior pets and I have to find ways to stretch the budget. But if I had endless fundst, I’d make my life easier and buy Dasuquin with MSM.

Dasuquin Advanced Review: What I Like

There is nothing I like about the product. In fact, I never would have bought it at my vet’s office had I known it contained Omega fatty acids, but the ingredients are NOWHERE to be found on the actual package.

You have to visit the Nutramax website to find the ingredients in Dasuquin Advanced and that really irks me.

My Problem with Dasuquin Advanced Ingredients: Spoil-Prone Omega’s

Omega Fatty Acids (the EPA and DHA) in Dasuquin’s Advanced formula are well-known for being highly unstable ingredients because they degrade quickly in the presence of air, heat and light. As they degrade, they begin a process called “oxidation” which sounds harmless enough, but it’s not harmless at all.

Oxidation of fatty acids is the beginning of Peroxidation and that’s when Free Radicals gain in numbers. Makers of treats and chews understand this, so they have to add “antioxidants” to try and STOP the process from happening in the product.

So first of all, know this: when you see an antioxidant (tocopherols) listed on a dog supplement, it’s not going to be used by your dog, it’s just there to try and stop the product from oxidizing and turning into a chew or treat filled with with free radicals.

Anyway, Dasuquin Advanced contains Omega Fatty Acids which are susceptible for oxidizing, peroxidizing and going rancid. If they do this (mine did) they enter your dog’s bloodstream as free radicals and all the good you thought your were doing may be doing quite the opposite.

If you need help falling asleep tonight, you can read all about the oxidation and peroxidation of Omega-3’s and 6’s when they are added into foods. It’s an article I wrote a while back that goes into great detail: Omegas, Oxidation (Fish Oil) Side Effects for Dogs.

Do I Use Dasuquin Advanced for Dogs?

I did in the past and I will not use this product again. My dog was on it about 3 weeks before he refused to eat the product. They actually smelled putrid and that’s when I was prompted to investigate the ingredients.

Not having investigated the ingredients in the first place is a huge regret. My dog is on a homemade raw diet, he gets homemade treats and it’s completely out of character for me to NOT investigate ingredients. But I think my vet was so gung-ho about the product, I just remember feeling excited to try it.

Valuable lesson learned, sorry Frodo.

Summing it All Up: Dasuquin Reviews

After 6 years and counting of researching and trying supplements that claim to help my 12 year old senior stay mobile, this is what I use from the Nutramax Product Line and a summary of my Dasuquin Reviews:

I like Dasuquin Regular (link to product) and I Supplement my own Human Grade MSM (link to product) which I buy on amazon. Therefore I do not need the formula with MSM.

If I didn’t buy human grade MSM, I would use Dasuquin MSM (link to product) for sure.

I steer clear of Dasuquin Advanced, I regret my purchase and I keep the mostly empty foil bag on top of my fridge as a reminder of how to NOT buy supplements without knowing the ingredients or reading what other dog owners have to say. Every once in awhile, I open the bag and take a whiff, to see just how bad they’re getting….it’s awful. I think I’ll finally toss them on the expiration date which is August 2020.

If you’re interested in trying Dasuquin or Dasuquin with MSM, I like them too! Here are links one more time to amazon and chewy. I buy wherever it’s cheaper, both companies ship fast!

Dasuquin Regular or Dasuquin MSM on Amazon: (Product Link)

Dasuquin Regular or MSM on Chewy: (Product Link)

Thanks for visiting SeniorDogDays!

8 thoughts on “Dasuquin Vs Dasuquin Advanced Vs MSM

  1. Hello and thanks for the great info! Question, what mg of MSM do you buy? The Dasuquin w/MSM is 40mg, but the link to buy human MSM goes to 1000mg…

    1. Hi Sandra, my dog is 90 pounds (sometimes 93-94) so he would take the Dasuquin for large dogs which provides 800 mg of MSM, my human grade MSM (NOW Brand) is 1000mg and that’s ideal for my dog’s weight. As a reference, my vet wanted my dog Frodo to get between 800-1000mg of MSM per day. If you are buying Dasuquin MSM for a Small/Medium dog it provides 400mg of MSM per chew. If your vet is okay with giving your dog 500mg MSM per day, you could use half of the 1000mg capsule or maybe buy the MSM in powder form instead of capsules and measure exactly what your vet is recommending. Here is a link to the MSM powder on amazon Now Brand MSM Powder I really like now brand…I’ve spent hours researching supplements and find them to be among the best as far as accuracy in dosing and quality products without additives. Thanks for commenting…I’ll update the article to reflect the powder option as well.

  2. Sounds like you got a great deal on your dasuquin advanced. My vet charges me 63.66 for a 64 soft chew count for large dogs : (

    1. Wow Tom, thanks for sharing what your vet is charging. I really wish these “available through your vet only” supplements had some pricing disclosure, but vet’s can charge whatever they want and we remain none the wiser.

    1. Hi Sherry, my dog gets movoflex every day and yes, I also give him either dasuquin or the human grade equivalent because there is no overlap of ingredients. I don’t use welactin but a quick glance at the ingredients suggests this is an omega 3 supplement. Unless you’re using dasuquin advanced, their shouldn’t be any overlap, but please double check by comparing the actual product labels. If you’re using dasuquin advanced (which I don’t give my dog), then using welactin could be far too much omega-3 for your dog. Thanks for visiting SeniorDogDays!

  3. Hi,my dog has taken Dasuquin Advanced.As a matter of fact,I just purchased a new bag today.My vet also had my dog taking fish oil,now,after reading your article,I see there are Omega fatty acids in the Dasuquin Advanced.Would my dog have needed both?I paid 58 dollars for the Dasuquin Advanced at my vets office,64 soft chews.

    1. Tricia, I hear you! And that’s why I research every single supplement that my vets recommend and cross check the product ingredients with what my dog is already taking. Even though the vet techs ask me on every visit what my dog is taking, it doesn’t appear that they store the information and the dr. doesn’t use it prior to making even more recommendations. I highly recommend asking your vet for the exact dosing they recommend for the actual active ingredient instead of just adding new supplements. Ask point blank “how many mg. of glucosamine should my dog get every day” or how many mg. of EPA or DHA Omega should my dog get for his/her weight each day. Then, add up what’s in the fish oil plus the dasuquin advanced and make sure your dog isn’t being given more than your vet recommends. Sorry this is happening, but KUDOS to you for catching this during your own research. Best of luck!

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